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For the 8th consecutive year Italy will be the setting of the Open Memory Championship, better known as Italian Open Memory Championship, a mental competition open to Mental Athletes from all over the world.

Also this year memory competition will involve some of the sacred memory monsters from all over the world.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we regret to announce that we will not be able to hold the Italian Memory Championship. We hope that in 2021 the global health crisis will be over.


Again this year the Italian Memory Championship will be held in Milan.

The venue will be the Boga Space in Street Seprio 2, Milan or, just in case the competitors will be more than a specific number and we need a bigger room, the Venue will be the Marriott Hotel (five minutes on foot from Boga Space)


Schedule Italian Open 2021


08:50   Arrival
09:00   Registration
09:15   Welcome
09:30   Names and Faces memorisation (15 Mins)
09:45   Recall (30 Mins)
10:30   Binary Digits memorisation (30 Mins)
11:00   Recall (1 hour)
12:10   LUNCH
13:10   Announcement of Results
13:15   Abstract Images (15 Mins)
13:30   Recall (30 Mins)
14:10   Speed Numbers (Trial One) (5 Mins)
14:15   Recall (15 Mins)
14:45   Results of Trial One
14:55   Speed Numbers (Trial Two) (5 Mins)
15:00   Recall (15 Mins)
15:30   Numbers (30 Mins)
16:00   Recall (1 hour)
17:00   Close (vacate Green Room)


08:50   Arrival
09:00   Opening
09:15   Results from Day One
09:30   Random Words (15 Mins)
09:45   Recall (40 Mins)
10:35   Cards (30 Mins)
11:05   Recall (1 hour)
12:15   LUNCH
13:10   Announcement of Results
13:15   Historic Dates (5 Mins)
13:20   Recall (15 Mins)
13:50   Setup for Spoken Numbers –  Test sound
14:00   Spoken Numbers 100 digits
14:05   Recall (5 Mins)
14:20   Annoucement of results trial one
14:25   Spoken Numbers 470 digits
14:33   Recall (25 Mins)
15:15   Announcement of Results
15:20   Speed Cards Trial One (5 Mins)
15:30   Recall (5 Mins)
15:45   Announcement of Results
16:00   Speed Cards Trial Two (5 Mins)
16:10   Recall (5 Mins)
16:15   End of Competition (vacate Green Room)
17:15   Awards Ceremony (in Library)
18:00   Close and Celebrations


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You will receive an email with the confirmation of registration and the link to make the payment with Paypal or Credit Card (60 euros of registration), in case you do not receive the email verification in spam or junk mail.


At that moment it will be possible for the Competitors to bring their cards and to deliver them to the referees. It will be also possible to register for the championship.



If it’s the first time that you participate the briefing will be useful to better understand the way each discipline is realized, and during the briefing there will be room for any question you may have.

Each discipline will be rewarded. There will be an open ranking and an italian ranking.

Please remember that once the championship has started it won’t be possible to interrupt and ask questions on the disciplines anymore.


The web site used by all mental athletes to get prepared for the competition is:

Decks of cards:
For the following disciplines
– speed cards
– 30 minutes cards
each competitor can bring the card he/she usually uses when training.

Cards should be delivered on Friday and should be marked so that the referees could easily understand:
1) which is the deck they will use for the speed cards discipline, first try.
2) which is the deck they will use for the speed cards discipline, second try.
3) which is the ordered deck they will use to recreate the deck they have memorized at the first try of the “speed cards” discipline.
4) which is the ordered deck of cards they will use to recreate the deck they have memorized at the second try of the “speed cards” discipline.
5) which are the decks of cards they will use for the 10 minutes cards discipline.


Competitors can sleep where they prefer to.

Being that Milan is a city visited by a lot of tourists, hotel prices are quite high, so we suggest that you book your room as soon as possible.

We definitely also suggest you to stay at walking distance with respect to where the championship will be held. This will avoid worries that could penalise the athletes’ mental status, and will also avoid delays. In this regard, please remember that competitors that won’t be present at the beginning of the competition will remain outside the room until the starting of the following discipline.



[email protected]
IMPORTANT: put always as object of the email ITALIAN MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIP

See you soon!
Matteo Salvo
President of the Italian Memory Sport Council